About Me

Hi there! I’m Katy.

I grew up in a suburb just outside of LA. December of 2016 I received my BS from UConn in Nutritional Sciences.  In June of 2018 I completed my dietetic internship from Cornell University and am now a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist! I love all things food-related and you can usually find me trying out a new restaurant wherever I happen to be.

If I’m not eating or reading the latest research in the nutrition world, I’m usually baking or exploring my surrounds hiking and walking around town. I love to read and cross stitch as well.

I became interested in nutrition in high school after my poor diet led to me becoming overweight. After seeing posts on Facebook and Tumblr about eating better to lose weight, I started researching and creating a healthier lifestyle for myself. It took a while for me to work towards the relationship with food I currently have, but I am so glad I did. I strive to help other people reach this same healthy and positive relationship with food since it is an increasing problem in our society.

I have a whole foods approach, meaning I’d rather eat something that is real and minimally processed, even if it means higher fat/sugar/what have you than eat something made man-made. I also believe that everything fits into a healthy diet and nothing is off-limits. My favorite food has got to be apple pie, I can not say no to it and can give you the absolute best recipe, as well! Being a California girl, I also can’t get enough citrus or summer fruits. I’m not sure if you have ever had the opportunity to go to a fruit stand on the side of a CA highway to buy a flat of strawberries on a sunny June day, but nothing compares.

I created this website in order for my friends and family to stay updated on my busy life as a dietetic intern, to bring the latest research regarding nutrition to my readers, and to help people in the kitchen through videos of techniques and recipes. Any topics or suggestions of what you’d like to learn about are more than welcome and please contact me!