Respect Your Body: Intuitive Eating for the Holidays and Life

We accept people having different heights, skin colors, hair colors, we need to accept body size diversity as well. Another one of the hardest principles to work on.

Even if everyone ate the same and exercised the same, we would still have vastly different body sizes and shapes.

Studies have shown the more you focus on your body, the worse you feel about it.

The word “respect” is chosen, not love, not anything else, because you respecting your body means treating it with dignity and meeting its basic needs. We are not asking you to love it, that’s not going to happen with everyone no matter what their body size is, but to respect it, and be neutral about the way you talk about it and to it. Don’t put yourself down.

Give yourself the respect you deserve by allowing yourself to be comfortable. Be comfortable and not constantly hungry. Be comfortable and able to not feel restricted with your clothes. Be comfortable and able to move your body the way you like. Buy new clothes if yours don’t fit. You deserve to feel comfortable. There’s no need to constantly weigh yourself, your weight is not a measure of your self-worth. Stop body checking-this means don’t size up the room based on other people’s bodies. Don’t compare yourself to the crowd. Don’t compromise for a “big event” – dieting for your wedding, or your class reunion will likely just lead to yo-yo dieting, which means you will likely gain weight in the long run.  Stop body bashing: stop hating parts of your body. Don’t talk down about parts of your body. Just leave it alone, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life from anyone, especially from you! Replace the negative self-talk: I hate the cellulite on my legs to my legs allow me to walk and run and I am so lucky! I can exercise and that is awesome.

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