Challenge the Food Police: Intuitive Eating for the Holidays and Life

Many of us place foods into categories of “good” or ”bad.” While this may seem helpful in deciding what foods you should eat, this gives “bad food” power over you. Foods don’t have any morality. Did those “bad” cookies rob a bank?

Challenge all the “rules” diets made you follow: no eating after 6pm, bread makes you fat, dairy is bad, you didn’t exercise so you can’t eat a cookie. Don’t let the food police enforce these rules. The food police is not living your life, you are.

The food police will cause guilt and  doesn’t let you quite reject the diet mentality. They lurk in your thoughts and will keep coming back, so it’s important to cut them down like a weed. Like a weed, the food police can come back after a day, a week, a month, but just keep cutting it down.

Tell yourself that your actions are ok: You can eat whenever you want, whenever you are hungry, whatever foods you like if you want.

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