Just a friendly reminder

Just a friendly reminder to only get your nutrition advice from someone qualified. This does not mean your family, your facebook friend, an instagram post, nothing EXCEPT a qualified professional like a Registered Dietitian (shameless plug? Nah, I’m honestly just looking out for you)

Friendly reminder to not get your nutrition advice from a personal trainer. I am currently studying to be one and I have seen the nutrition curriculum up front and in person. THEY ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO WRITE MEAL PLANS! Nor is it within their scope of practice to tell you anything except generalized nutrition advice like you should probably eat more fruits and veggies. That’s it.

Friendly reminder to not get your nutrition advice from doctors. They don’t get much nutrition education and therefore are not qualified the same way an RDN is to give out nutrition advice.

Eating food does not make you an expert in nutrition. I did not go to school for 4 years, complete 1500 hours of supervised practice in a dietetic internship where the placement rate is only 50%, pass a national credentialing exam, and complete 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years to have your cousin’s neighbor’s step-mom give you nutrition advice. Same with every other RDN out there. I have malpractice insurance, your cousin’s neighbor’s step-mom does not.

If you are not a registered dietitian, please stop giving out nutrition advice! This goes for you, cousin’s neighbor’s step-mom. Please stop and let me do my job.

One last reminder for you:

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