National Nutrition Month

Wow. It’s like just as I tell myself I’m going to start posting here regularly, I’m MIA for a month and a half. But I’ve been super busy, so I guess it is justified.

Happy National Nutrition Month, and Happy RD Day (tomorrow)! I finished my General Medicine and Food Service Management rotations, as well as hosted a workshop with medical students about how/when/why they should use RDs when they become doctors. We also taught cooking skills and had a great time chatting and going over different disease states in which an RD can really benefit both the patient and the interdisciplinary team. Here’s our “silly” picture from the event.

I also had my first specialty rotation, which was very exciting. I worked in the fitness center for half the week. Here I found/made recipes for a weight loss group, gave a presentation on mindful eating, and counseled the weight loss participants one-on-one to help them along their journey. This was incredibly rewarding because I didn’t realize how much I actually knew until I was put on the spot with questions I wasn’t expecting and was totally able to answer them! (Thanks brain for helping a sister out)

The other half of my week was spent in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). I wasn’t really looking forward to this rotation because I wasn’t sure I wanted to work with kids, but oh my god! I might have been changed. This was so exciting and the RDs are a very important part of the medical team, which isn’t always the case with some of the teams I’ve worked with. And the babies are so tiny! Some of them were born at 23 weeks and only weighed 600 grams! That’s not even 1.5 pounds! It was such a rewarding environment to work in and it was an environment that I could see myself working in.

I’ll post (hopefully) at the end of this week about my current rotation. If you still want more info about my day-to-day life, check out my instagram because I post more consistently there (I also have a post about the surgeries I saw if you want to check it out!)

Happy Nourishing! ~Katy

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    March 18, 2018 at 9:58 PM

    How about some of those recipies? Did you know you can schedule posts? you can write a bunch and let them “drip” into your blog 🙂

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