The End of Fall

I am really dropping the ball on keeping this updated but life has been so busy! Also it snowed for the first time today, so it looks like the nice Autumn weather we shouldn’t have been having this late but have been, is gone for good.

A couple of weekends after my last post, my community site attended the NY School Nutrition Association Conference, which was a blast! (And it was beautiful, you can see the view from my hotel room in the picture above!) I became a lot closer with everyone at my site, which is going to make it so much harder to leave in a week and a half! Honestly, I didn’t attend many of the informational sessions because one of the days I had some major kidney pain/issues and I’m still not totally sure what happened, but since it’s never happened before and it hasn’t happened since, I should be good, right? But the food we were served was amazing (and the open bar was pretty nice too). Definitely did not do three shots in a row with the other food service directors, so there’s no need to ask about that.

My preceptor and I at the conference.

Anyway, the couple breakout sessions I was able to attend were a little controversial. One was about food trends in school food service, but it was hosted by a dietitian from the humane society, so there was definitely an agenda about vegetarian meals. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for incorporating more plants into people’s diets, but I think presentation was a little biased.

Last week, I gave my nutrition education to first graders about drinking less sugar. I was even in the news! Check it out!

Students filling the beverage bottles with the sugar they contain and the spread of fruits we had for the spa water.

I had a couple of students fill up a Coke and chocolate milk bottle with the amounts of sugar they contained. We then made “spa water” which is just water with fruit muddled at the bottom. They loved it and I’m glad it went well!

I also had a few articles due for a magazine, so I should be published soon!

On the school side, I’ve been struggling a little bit more, so I decided to stop working until I move to Rochester. This was a very hard decision for me, but I have not had anytime to do anything because the amount of time I’m in my internship, working, and sleeping leaves maybe an hour each day for me to shower, clean, make food, catch up on homework, relax, write articles for my website so I needed to make a change.

I am finally all caught up on assignments that are due, so I can work on making transcripts for my interviews and getting ahead in school work. I almost don’t know how to deal with not being stressed and anxious! My heart wants to be racing right now because I’ve been racing against the clock for the past couple weeks and now that I don’t need to, it’s like “how do I beat at a normal pace?” I’m just happy to finally have some time to do what I want!

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    November 11, 2017 at 12:53 AM

    Good to hear you’re finding you’re groove! I hear you may be in town for turkey day, hope I run into you at fivebucks.

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