When Life Hands You Lemons…

Yesterday, matches for dietetic internships went out. Only about 50% of applicants actually get placed and on top of that, I applied to very selective ones with acceptance rates below 10%. I was not matched. My entire world came crashing down around me. My entire 4 years at college have been building up to getting an internship after I graduated and I wasn’t placed.

After an hour or so of crying, I picked myself up and started to research my backup plan that I was hoping I didn’t have to face. My backup is to study for and take the NDTR (nutrition and dietetic technician, registered) exam so I can become …. an NDTR. This is the step below a registered dietitian (RD), which is my life goal. By taking this exam I can show to future internships that I can pass a national exam, as well as get the clinical experience that I lack. Not to mention, I’ll have a job where I can save up money to sustain myself while I’m in my internship.

I emailed my professor what would be the best book to buy to study for the NDTR exam, and instead heard about an opportunity for one of two openings at Cornell University’s dietetic internship. I have an interview tomorrow and have not had any time to think about this as an option. On one hand, I get the opportunity to get an internship at an ivy league school (provided I am offered one of the open spots), but I definitely was not ready to leave Connecticut.

So here I am, possibly getting an internship (yay) and possibly becoming an NDTR.

Bring it on life.

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